Electrical Wiring and Lighting Installation

We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles.”

Thomas A.Edison


Unlike a long time ago, past generations used candles to light their homes at night. The invention of electricity has changed everyone’s lives. Our homes and offices today would not be able to function without electricity. Luckily, the access to electricity in Singapore today is pretty much simple and easy.

Paramount Construction has a team of reliable technicians that is able to rewire your home or office. We provide a one-stop service not only for your electrical wiring needs, as well as false ceiling and partition.

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What does our electrical works consist of?

In renovation, electrical rewiring is essential. Electrical works are usually the first and last works to be done. 

At the beginning, electrical works consist of the re-wiring of various lighting and power points. They can be categorised into 3 areas mainly:

  1. Electrical re-wiring for lighting (with or without false ceiling)
  2. Electrical re-wiring for power points (concealed or non-concealed)
  3. Electrical re-wiring for Carpentry and Kitchen Cabinets

Electrical Re-wiring for lighting

Today’s HDB BTO are built using the precast or PPVC method. Hence, the wiring are all embedded within the concrete. However, most living area only comes with a single lighting point which is insufficient.

Using false ceiling is a good way to add more light points in order to spread your lighting more evenly. Additionally, wires can be concealed within the false ceiling. 

Tips – For resale flats; other than false ceiling, ou might also consider using L-box or covelight to conceal trunking on the side of your resale flat.

Electrical Rewiring for Power Points

Most electrical appliances are unable to run without a power point. We often have to run those unsightly extension cords or cables for more power points.

Paramount Construction is able to add power points according to your requirements. We are able to run from single 13A power points.. double 13A power points to 20A isolators for air-conditioning. Our technicians will also determine the load requirements prior to re-wiring.

Tips – Not having a feature wall? Consider pulling a power point to right behind your TV so as to conceal the TV cables when it is wall mounted to the wall.

Electrical Re-wiring for carpentry

Carpentry are a good way to conceal wiring too. Usually power points and to a certain extend; lighting points can be concealed with carpentry.

Additionally, adding led strips to your carpentry can also enhance the overall feel to your home. These led strips not only provide additional accent lighting effects by also create a floating effect as shown in the TV feature wall on the right. 

Tips – LED strips can be added to almost any carpentry such as inside your wardrobe to your kitchen cabinets. 

Light Installation Works

After all the electrical re-wiring; the most important to a home is the lighting. Paramount Construction are proficient in light installation works having installed lights many homes over the years. The following are some of the lights installed at various homes. 

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