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Paramount Construction is a false ceiling/drywall partition and electrical contractor in Singapore. We provide all kinds of false ceiling worksdry wall partition works and electrical works for residential and commercial projects.

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Living area Island false ceiling

Benefits of having a False Ceiling

Most home owners overlook the importance of having a false ceiling in their home. While other renovation works such as tiling, painting or carpentry can be essential, having a false ceiling can really create an impact to how your home is perceived.

 There are many benefits that your false ceiling can provide. they are namely:
  1. Atheistic
  2. Decorative Lighting
  3. Electrical wiring concealment
Lake Grande Condominium Covelight


Some say a ceiling is actually the fifth wall in our homes. A false ceiling enhances the interior décor of the space.  It can be custom built into various shapes and sizes with a smooth finish for painting or laminating

Decorative Lighting

An important aspect of installing a false ceiling is to install decorative lighting such as down lights and cove lights. It is like jewellery for the home: it helps your space sparkle and shine. From general lighting to accent lighting, multiple layers of lighting can be created to suit the occasion or mood.


False ceiling hides the non-pleasing elements such as electrical cables and air-con ducts from the viewer’s eyes. In bathroom, ceilings can be provided to hide the pipes or any other fittings above.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are some considerations to think about before going for false ceiling?

Most Singaporeans are concerned about the finished ceiling height when it comes to false ceiling.

HDBs are usually around 2.5m to 2.6m in height. Condominiums and EC have higher ceiling height of 2.8m to 3m. 

However, bearing that in mind, interior designers have found ways to overcome these factors. Some designs include installing covelights / L-box along the sides of the room preserving most of the actual ceiling height. Additionally, this allow the ceiling fan to be directly mounted to the actual ceiling. You can refer to our false ceiling designs for more information.

2. Can false ceiling be done in wet zones like the kitchen and bathroom? If so, what are some precautions to take?   

False ceiling in Wet Zones such as kitchen and bathroom are not of concern. In fact, most condominiums have them in their bathrooms to conceal the services above them.

However, do note that it is recommended to use a minimum standard of moisture resistance plasterboard as material as the standard plasterboard are not as resistant to water

3. What are the standard heights for false ceilings? Are the standard heights different for HDBs versus condos?

There are no standard heights. False ceiling are quite flexible in design and can be customised to your preference.

However, HDB do have a general guideline of not less than 2.4m height in height.

4. I understand false ceiling is either made from gypsum board or plasterboard. What is the difference in terms of quality and price?

The use of plasterboard for home renovations is more of an accepted industry standard nowadays as gypsum board is more expensive material.

In terms of finishing, gypsum and plasterboard actually looks the same after painting and you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. Gypsum board are more environmentally friendly and in a contractor’s point of view, is more efficient in installation and produce less mess as compared to plasterboard.

5. What are some of the more popular false ceiling designs in Singapore nowadays?  

There are many false ceiling designs that are popular as everyone have their individual preferences. Covelight seems to be the mainstay as it provides alternative accent lighting effect.


Our Unique Service

Non-obligation Ceiling Plan Proposal

We listen to your ideas and preferences and provide you with a false ceiling plan. If you are satisfied with our planned layout, we shall present you with a favourable quotation. Here are some examples of our ceiling plan and it’s execution:

Proposed ceiling plan
L shaped covelight false ceiling at Bedroom
MBR L shaped Covelight
L-shaped Covelight false Ceiling
Living area L-shape Covelight
Proposed ceiling plan
BTO covelight falseceiling

We provide direct contractor pricing

Our false ceiling and electrical pricing are one of the cheapest in Singapore. We are able to give a good price with minimal coordination with different contractors. This one stop hassled free service provides and translates into efficient anc cost effective solution for you!

A HDB or Condo renovation will typically be around 1 to 4 days, depending on the extensiveness of the works involved.

You can save up to 50 percent on your renovation budget by engaging us for your false ceiling and electrical works. The savings can amount up to a few thousands dollars, enough for you to go on a mini vacation!

We can coordinate with your ID

Most IDs would persuade you from trying to save cost by engaging your own contractors. They often cite too much coordination works involved and you might be inexperienced.

Our team is experienced in working with IDs. Above all, we will strive to make your dream home a reality.

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