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Residential Drywall Partition – Creating Bedrooms, Study and Small Home Office

Thinking of an additional bedroom, study room or to create a walk-in wardrobe area?

Drywall partitions is the best solution.The good thing about drywall is that it can be constructed quick and easy with little dust and noise. We are able to install a drywall partition within a day. Therefore, creating a new bedroom or small home office is no longer a hassle. Additionally, you can also add rockwool for good sound insulation properties.  

Most importantly, no job is too small for us. We strive to offer you the best workmanship and service. Feel free to contact our friendly staff for a non-obligation quote.





Bedroom Partition – Walk – in wardrobe


Walk-in wardrobe – Ponggol Walkway Terrace 1 (HDB)

You can mimic a walk-in wardrobe just be dividing your bedroom space. Build a half height or full height drywall partition. Glass panels are great in creating an illusion that the room seems bigger.



Commercial Office Drywall Partition (Fire/Non-fired Rated Partition Available) 

Similarly in the commercial setting, office drywall partition is an essential component as it segregates spaces for different functions. 

Additionally, office drywall partition helps reduce noise in concentration. You can create rooms for collaborative environments or to provide confidentiality. Furthermore, together with ceiling grid, we are able to propose a design with acoustics performance that need not entirely be similar or boring.

The following are some of the ways drywall partition are used in an office setting.

Office Lobby

Your office’s main lobby can set the tone for the entire design theme and personality of the building.


Private Office

In private, or closed-plan offices, privacy and ability to focus is often sought after.


Conference/Meeting Rooms

Similar to private offices, conference rooms have a need for confidentiality.



Perhaps the most versatile room in your space, the break room is used by employees and visitors to unwind, fuel up, and hold meetings in a pinch.



Corridors and hallways require the functionality to handle high-traffic
and the design flexibility to seamlessly connect to key spaces.


Open Office – Creating Quiet Workspace

In open plan, focus, or collaborative spaces, the main function of the ceiling is to absorb sound


Quiet Work Space in open Plan Office

Additionally, Be it for a discussion or to focus a particular work, quiet work spaces in an open office can help employees focus or interact without being affected or disrupting the others.


No job is too small. we strive to provide you with the best price at quality service and workmanship

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