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Paramount Construction is a false ceiling/drywall partition and electrical contractor in Singapore. We provide all kinds of false ceiling worksdry wall partition works and electrical works for residential and commercial projects. We are a direct contractor that provides excellent workmanship at a very competitive pricing. Our main expertise in mostly in Landed and Condo false ceiling designs.

Although there are many false ceiling designs that you can find online, we realised that home owners are looking for something more applicable to our homes in Singapore especially for false ceiling design in the living rooms and bedrooms.

We have arranged our false ceiling design in terms of areas such as Living, Dining and Bedroom areas within a residential unit. Here are some of the different false ceiling designs for residential units that we would like to share

Covelight false ceiling design
Covelight False Ceiling Works -Landed Home

Types of False Ceiling Design

Living Area False Ceiling Design

Your Living room is the most essential part of your home. This is the place where you spend most of your time as you mingle with your family members and friends; or to wind down after a tough day. Since so much time is spent here, feeling relax and comfortable is important. Thus, good lighting effects play an important part towards this and the best way to achieve is by adding your desired false ceiling!

Covelight False ceiling on all sides

Add depth to your ceiling – You may be worried that with a flat false ceiling, your ceiling height would be greatly reduced. Why not consider covelight design that runs along the sides of your living area? This classic design not only adds depth to your ceiling but also helps provide accent lighting effects. The warmth vibe produced from the covelights would definitely help you to unwind from a long day at work.

Brighten up your home – Additionally, while you might consider just installing surface mounted light as a budget option. However, do note that this option often cast shadows around the living area leading to a living room looking dull and void of colours. Covelight false ceiling design can have downlights installed on all sides of the living room which not only reduces shadows but brightened up the room considerably!


four sided false ceiling covelight design
Covelight on 04 sides - Yishun Symphony Condo

L-shaped Covelight False Ceiling

Design flexibility – Depending on the layout of your living area, installing covelight along all sides might not be application due to space constraints. For that reason, perhaps the L-shaped covelight false ceiling might be more suitable as it gives more flexibility to the design. Furthermore, not only does it enhances the visual depth of the living room, it can provide more ceiling space for a larger ceiling fan. This visual depth allows onlookers to perceive the room to be wider

The flexibility of a L-shape covelight design allows you to adjust it’s shape according to your home’s layout. For example, the false ceiling can be aligned with the passageway to your bedroom as shown in the image on the right. By doing so, your false ceiling would look more proportional. 

L shaped covelight false ceiling
L-shape Covelight False Ceiling

Demarcating your living and dining area  Most homes today have the dining and living area located within the same living room.  You can try adding a L-shape covelight false ceiling design to segregate both areas. By doing so, you can create a more intimate dining experience while your sofa area becomes your cozy corner!

L-shaped Covelight Design
L-shaped Covel ight False ceiling with Living area highlighted using covelight

U-Shaped Covelight

U-shaped covelight is another hybrid design that has been widely adopted due to today’s living area space limitations.  A U-shaped Covelight is just as appealing as a four sided covelight. A variant like the one shown even has a double covelight on one side so that our home owner can lit up her dining area. 

U shaped Covelight False Ceiling Design
U-shaped Covelight - Lake Grade Condo

One bar covelight/ Twin Bar covelight False Ceiling

No Air-con Pelmets – One bar or Twin bar covelight is yet another popular choice. It does not take up too much space allowing flexibility in placing other decor lighting or a ceiling fan. Not only that, if you do not fancy aircon pelmet, this design is suitable as we can install it along the side without aircon. To add on, this design also helps make the room perceive as longer or wider depending on which side of the room it is located at. 

On a side note, we often also remind our home owner that for one-bar covelight, the opposite side of your home may be feel dimmer due to the lack of lighting. Therefore, we often recommend a minimum of four to five downlights for long living area as a minimum in order to spread more illumination in the home. 

Single bar covelight false ceiling design
One-bar Covelight - Short side of Living Room -Hundred Palms Residences
single bar covelight false ceiling design
One-bar Covelight - Long side of Living Room - The Alps Residences
Twin-bar Covelight

Flat False Ceiling

A flat false ceiling allows you to spread your lighting more evenly throughout the living area. The even false ceiling can conceal your actual ceiling which can sometimes be quite uneven. 

Additionally, the increase in lighting points for the downlights are also much cheaper as compared to adding surface light points. 

Spice up your false ceiling  – A flat false ceiling need not be plain and boring. One suggestion is to add certain features such as cove lighting shine against the wall to make the room seems wider. Alternatively, you could add recessed drop ceiling in some stretches of your false ceiling

Flat False Ceiling Design
Flat False Ceiling at Living Room - The Lanai Condo

Island Covelight False Ceiling

Smart Lighting – Smart led strips are now becoming more common. The best suited use would be island covelight design. This is so as LED strips are much harder to incorporate in covelight as compared to T5 as it would look wavy without proper installation. Hence Island covelight can help to reduce this “waviness” due to the close proximity to the walls. 

Floating cloud and sunset effect – Island covelight has been quite popular recently as the glow around the false ceiling actually gives off a beautiful sunset peeking out from a floating cloud. Not only does it helps with destressing after a long day at work, it can also provide a romantic vibe!

Island Covelight on four sides - Margaret Ville Condo
Island Covelight Design Paramount Construction
Island Covelight using smart LED Strips - Marina One Residences
Island Covelight 02 sides - Rivercove Residences
False ceiling with L-shaped recessed on sides - Garden Residence Condo

Dining Area False Ceiling Design

Julia Child once said – Dining with one’s family and friends at home is always one of life’s primal and innocent delights.  Why not set the mood for a good meal with your family with a good false ceiling design? Bon Appétit !

Covelight false ceiling highlighting Dining Area
Covelight false ceiling above dining area
Covelight false ceiling Surrounding dining area

Bedroom Passageway False Ceiling Design

Bedroom passageway is often long and narrow. In some situations, it can be quite dim too. Adding accent lighting along the sides of the passageway widens it.

HDB Covelight
EC Bedroom Passageway Coveight
Air-con pipe box up

Curved False Ceiling Design

Feeling more adventurous, you could also try to add unique false ceiling designs too!

Wave Curve False Ceiling - Hundred Palms Residence
S-curve False ceiling design
S-curve False Ceiling
Wave Curve False Ceiling - Hundred Palms Residence
Living area Island false ceiling
Island False Ceiling
Island False Ceiling

Bedrooms False Ceiling Design

Today, bedrooms of new condos and flats are getting smaller! It is not recommended to install all sides of your bedroom with covelight/Lbox as such. This will only make the room look even smaller.

You can work around this by installing one bar, an L-shaped covelight false ceiling or an island covelight design

Island Covelight

Island Covelight - Magaret Ville Condo
Island Covelight - Magaret Ville Condo
Island Covelight - Riverove Residences
bedroom island covelight design
Island Covelight - Riverove Residences

L-shaped and 04 Sides Covelight


Fancy your very own walk-in-wardrobe? We face many space restriction today due to the lack of space in bedrooms. Hence, the most common and cheapest way to create your “mini” walk-in wardrobe is to use your own wardrobe!

Using covelight false ceiling, you could even enhance and brighten up this space. 

Walk in wardrobe covelight
Covelight to accentuate Walk-in wardrobe
Walk in wardrobe false ceiling
Walk-in wardrobe
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