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(Image: Hatch Art Gallery - Screeding with smooth finishing and Plastering with skim coat by Paramount Construction)
(Image: Hatch Art Gallery - Screeding with smooth finishing and Plastering with skim coat by Paramount Construction)

Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is often referred to as Cement Screeding.

It is the application of a layer of cement and sand over the existing flooring or substrate. Its main purpose is to prepare the floor for final finishing such as tiling or vinyl flooring.

Today, many home owners are also happy to have a bare concrete flooring as part of their industrial themed design.

Usually, the existing concrete floor is extremely rough and uneven and would not be possible to lay vinyl flooring or tiles. Hence, it is essential for a competent contractor who understands what it the type of floor finishing and prepare the screed accordingly to the right leveling. 

Screeding Look upon completion.

HDB Requirements for Screeding

Prepacked Screed

As of June 2015, HDB has stated that it is madatory to screed using prepacked screed for all dry areas such as your Living/dining and bedrooms.

This is to ensure that the quality of screeding works is uniform and consistent. Prepacked screed also ensures a cleaner environment during the renovation process. 


Industrial design theme

Concrete screed flooring has become quite popular in recent years, particularly for indoor spaces with a contemporary, industrial or minimalistic interior design theme. 

Concrete flooring gives off a raw look and an edgy feel. This can be balanced out with more wooden furnishing in order to soften the look by providing warmth. 

 For a more complete look, include other elements such as brick walls and metallic lighting fixtures. You can get more ideas on industrial themed design from  Lookbox Living.


Screeding for Vinyl Flooring

Most homeowners today chooses vinyl flooring not only because it is an cheaper option as compared to tiles but also provides a warmth scadanavian design to the entire home. 

Prior to installing vinyl flooring, a new BTO flat would require screeding. Screeding used for vinyl flooring differs from screeding for tiling as vinyl flooring requires a smooth fnish with a level screed flooring.

Surface regularity is an important quality of a screed surface, which is often described as a measure of waviness of the surface. 

The levelness of a cement screed is essential for vinyl flooring at an accuracy level of + 3mm over 

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Our Contractor Pricing for BTO Flats

Floor Screed 50mm from Slab made level to existing Kitchen tiles, finished for vinyl flooring 

3 Bedrooms –  $1500

3 Room BTO flat – $2200

4 Room BTO flat – $2500

5 Room BTO flat – $2800


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